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Simpel Roze Lip Crayon


Lippotlood van NYX beschikbaar op Dit gladde, glanzende lipkrijtje verandert je huidskleur en is gemakkelijk vast te pakken en overal mee naartoe te nemen.

  • Kleur – Eerste basis
  • Twist-up
  • Glanzende afwerking
  • Niet getest op dieren

255 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)



I believe that my clothes can give people a better image of themselves – that it can increase their feelings of confidence and happiness. Comfort is very important to me. I think people live better in big houses and in big clothes. If you cut a painter’s hands off, he’d still feel the urge to pick up a brush. I always thought what you wore underneath was as important as what you wear on top. I am what I am. Before I was not so proud to make fashion. My family thought fashion wasn’t very interesting. So I hid that.

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